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Caramel cream puff

A variant of a favourite dessert with salty caramel and roasted almonds.

50 CZK

Cube - chocolate

the more there are of them, the better they look!

A tiny sachertorte that will elevate any sweet bar to new heights

20 CZK

Pavlova dessert – seasonal fruit

Unbeatable combination of meringue, cream and fruit.

50 CZK

Nut cupcakes with salted caramel

Cupcakes with the unbeatable combination of nuts and salted caramel. 

20 CZK

Tartlet – frozen raspberries

Linzer cups with light cottage cheese cream, fruit jelly and a lot of raspberries

50 CZK


Mascarpone, Italian ladyfingers and espresso.

This version comes in a disposable cup.

39 CZK

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Cakes on sticks

Cheery cake pops that children just love.


Our irresistible sweet deserts are available in plastic cups or refundable glasses.


in six colours and flavours.

Sweet bar

Minor treats for your guests: cupcakes, cakes on sticks, desserts and more.

Baking pan goodies

Surprise your guests with our baking pan goodies, from American-style brownies to Grandma's fruit pies.

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