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About us

Nasladko.cz offers a wide variety of cakes and sweets made to order, including both traditional recipes and latest innovations of the confectionery world.

We started making cakes in 2010 as a part of Café Girafe. Thanks to a high demand, we soon grew into a full-fledged confectionery studio with an online store and delivery around Prague.

About our cakes

Our cakes are made to look perfect, but there is more than looks to them. They are meant to enchant your guests with delicious taste and become highlights of your weddings, birthdays and other parties.

We use high quality ingredients from the world's leading manufacturers. We don't extend shelf-life by adding preservatives.

Our regular wholesale customers seem to think we're doing a great job:

Where can you get our cakes?

Shelf life of cakes

Shelf life of our cakes (stored at around +5 °C) is indicated on each cake's product page. That said, the cakes are unlikely to hang around for days – they are made to disappear completely shortly after the first bit :-)

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