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Candles - blue, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, blue

49 CZK

Candles - pink, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, pink

49 CZK

Candles - white, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, white

49 CZK

Fentiman's Curiosity Cola 0.75 l

Old-style ginger cola. With alcohol content under 0.5 %, it is still suitable for children.

99 CZK

Fountain - football

Football-themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain - Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain - pirates

Pirate-themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain – heart

Heart-themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain – numerals

Please state your desired numerals in the order note. Keep in mind that you need to order two fountains if you're after number 10 or higher :-)

99 CZK

Jelly Bean Sweet Hearts (650 g)

An XXL dose of heart-shaped jelly beans with fruit juices.

374 CZK

Organic sparkling juice - raspberry, 0.75 l

Organic sparkling apple juice with raspberries

199 CZK

Organic sparkling juice – apple, 0.75l

Organic sparkling apple juice

199 CZK

Organic sparkling juice – pear, 0.75l

Organic sparkling apple juice with pears

199 CZK

Organic sparkling juice – pomegranate, 0.75l

Organic sparkling apple juice with pomegranate

199 CZK

Prosecco 0.75 l

Prosecco (brands vary)

299 CZK

San Valentín wine

Torres San Valentín Parellada wine was first made by Miguel Torres as a Valentine's day gift for his wife.

A fruity, aromatic wine with moderate alcoholic strength. A sensual wine with exquisite, perfumed nuances (acacia honey), fine floral and fruit notes. Wonderful with cakes and sweets.

299 CZK
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