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Candles - blue, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, blue

49 CZK

Candles - pink, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, pink

49 CZK

Candles - white, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, white

49 CZK

Fentiman's Curiosity Cola 0.75 l

Old-style ginger cola. With alcohol content under 0.5 %, it is still suitable for children.

99 CZK

Fountain - football

Football-themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain - pirates

Pirate-themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain – heart

Heart-themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain – numerals

Please state your desired numerals in the order note. Keep in mind that you need to order two fountains if you're after number 10 or higher :-)

99 CZK

Jelly Bean Sweet Hearts (650 g)

An XXL dose of heart-shaped jelly beans with fruit juices.

374 CZK

Organic sparkling juice - raspberry, 0.75 l

Organic sparkling apple juice with raspberries

199 CZK

Organic sparkling juice – apple, 0.75l

Organic sparkling apple juice

199 CZK

Organic sparkling juice – pear, 0.75l

Organic sparkling apple juice with pears

199 CZK

Organic sparkling juice – pomegranate, 0.75l

Organic sparkling apple juice with pomegranate

199 CZK

Prosecco 0.75 l

Prosecco (brands vary)

299 CZK

San Valentín wine

Torres San Valentín Parellada wine was first made by Miguel Torres as a Valentine's day gift for his wife.

A fruity, aromatic wine with moderate alcoholic strength. A sensual wine with exquisite, perfumed nuances (acacia honey), fine floral and fruit notes. Wonderful with cakes and sweets.

299 CZK

Sparkling apple juice with peaches, 0.75l

Sparkling apple juice with peaches

199 CZK
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