Are you considering becoming one of our satisfied wholesale customers? Please contact us.

We deliver wholesale orders of cakes and sweets around Prague every weekday. (For remote parts of the city, we'll arrange delivery days with you.)

Ordering via SMS before 2pm is all it takes for next-day delivery. Once you register as a wholesale customer, you can also access the wholesale version of this site and download our cake catalogue.

Wholesale cakes

All cakes have a shelf-life of 48 hours at 5 °C.

The following sizes are available:

M sized cakes26 cm diameter12 slices
L sized cakes28 cm diameter14 slices
cheeesecakes28 cm diameter10–12 slices

Our offer includes gluten free cakes.

Slicing cakes on request

All cakes for wholesale customers are delivered with cut markings. Cakes denoted by "" can also be delivered already cut into slices.

During checkout, you will choose between "larger slices" and "smaller slices". That means:

"larger slices""smaller slices"
M sized cakes12 slices12 slices
L sized cakes12 slices14 slices
cheesecakes 10 slices12 slices
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