Candles and fountains

Apart from tiny cake candles, we also offer cake fountains that will add fireworks to your cake (see a video), providing your celebration with an element of surprise.

Candles - blue, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, blue

49 CZK

Candles - pink, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, pink

49 CZK

Candles - white, 12 pcs

Small cake candles, white

49 CZK

Fountain - football

Football-themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain - pirates

Pirate-themed cake fountain

99 CZK

Fountain – numerals

Please state your desired numerals in the order note. Keep in mind that you need to order two fountains if you're after number 10 or higher :-)

99 CZK

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