Misha cake featured in Apetit magazine August 17, 2017

"The recipe comes from Crêperie Café Girafe in Suchdol and their associated cake studio The batter is somewhat unusual, but all our staff fell in love with it."

Misha cake makes the cover photo of Appetite magazine confectionery section.

Misha cake in Apetit magazine

Apetit/Confectionery, April 2015 (PDF, Czech)

online recipe (Czech)

Praise from Prague Culinary Institute January 24, 2013

Prague Culinary Institute head recommends Café Girafe cakery

"Without any doubt, I'd choose Hájek & Hájková in Radotín and Štěchovice, and Hájek & Boušová anywhere in Prague. The Café Girafe sweetshop and crêperie in Prague-Suchdol is also excellent."

— Roman Vaněk

Source: (Czech)

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