Wedding cakes

We'll be honoured to make a wedding cake for you and provide all due service.

Prices start at CZK 2500 and vary with weight and level of sophistication.

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  • Wedding cakes cannot be ordered online (despite occasional requets).
  • For more than 100 guests, please contact us to discuss cake design and get an individual quote.

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Wedding cake calculator

Prices are now displayed for the sample cakes below.

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Sample cakes can be customized to match your wedding theme. The number of tiers depends on cake weight.

Wedding cake #1

A beautiful snow-white cake, decorated with a silver ribbon and a rich bouquet. May or may not feature bridal pair figures, depending on your wish.

700 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #2

An echantingly simple flower cake in turquois and snowy white with silver details.

500 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #3

A stylish cake with symbolic hearts and doves.

500 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #4

This renaissance-style cake decorated with roses hard to tell from real is sure to become a highlight of your wedding reception.

600 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #5

Another chateau-styled wedding cake in champagne colour, decorated with roses and violets of matching colour.

500 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #6

A romantic wedding cake in white and pink, with base resembling a wedding dress.

700 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #7

A beautiful wedding cake with pink drapes, featuring a unique bloom.

700 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #8

A decent wedding cake in champagne colour with a bridal pair theme.

500 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #9

A romantic flowery wedding cake with ribbons and serene arrangement.

600 CZK/kg

Wedding cake #10

An exquisite 'Marina' cake with painstakingly crafted details shines with its finesse and excellence.

1700 CZK/kg

Wedding cake fillings

We recommend combining a fruit filling with a chocolate one. You can choose from the following well-tried combinations:

Fruit-based fillings

Strawberries, cream & light sponge

cut fresh strawberries, sweetened cream with real vanilla, vanilla-flavoured bases spread with strawberry jam

Raspberries, mascarpone & light sponge

whole fresh raspberries, mascarpone cream, light vanilla base

Chocolate-based fillings

Kahlúa, Belgian chocolate & ground roasted cocoa beans

fragrant chocolate cream and Mexican liquor between feathery chocolate bases, crunchy cocoa beans with intense, almost bitter chocolate taste

70% chocolate & cream with real vanilla

dense chocolate ganache and sweetened whipped cream layered in chessboard pattern between chocolate bases

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